Amendment Application

Whether you need soil amendment services for hard rock mining site, coal mining site, construction site, mixed-contaminant sites, smelting and refining site or any other site, CFS Revegetation can provide you best services assuring budget-friendliness and timely completion.


Benefits of soil amendments

Soil amendments not only allow the revitalization, remediation, and reuse of disturbed sites by decreasing the bioavailability of contaminants but also protect the environment and human health. Also, the approach of soil amendment allows the recycling of the industrial as well as municipal waste that otherwise is disposed of in landfills. The main benefits of soil amendment include:


  • Recreate soil’s ecological function

  • Restore soil condition and structure which facilitates the establishment of vegetation

  • Prevent erosion while improving soil drainage

  • Reduce the bioavailability of harmful pollutants

  • Costs less than the traditional remediation techniques

  • Decrease mobility of contaminants

  • Can decrease acid mine drainage


CFS Revegetation provides the entire range of soil amendment services. Just inform us about the current condition of the site and the purpose you want to use it for, and we will guide you to choose the right method of soil amendment.


Types of soil amendments

The type, amount and mix of soil amendments vary site to site according to the soil condition, a local mix of contaminants and the vegetation it is going to be used for. The main considerations for creating soil amendment strategy include:

- the accurate assessment of existing soil conditions at the site

- knowledge of the soil conditions required for revegetation of particular species

- post-revitalization use of land


There are mainly three types of soil amendments which are:


Organic Soil Amendment: You can use our organic soil amendment services to provide essential nutrients to the soil, to rebuild organic matter content in soil, and to re-establish microbial populations. The improved organic content will further result in moisture holding, water infiltration, aeration, and improved nutrient supply. Materials used in organic soil amendment are:

  • Biosolids

  • Manures

  • Composts

  • Digestates

  • Papermill Sludges

  • Yard and Wood Waste

  • Ethanol Production Byproducts


pH Soil Amendment: pH soil amendment is used for the sites that are affected by low soil pH conditions and similar problems, like direct toxicity to microbes and heavy metal bioavailability. However, before these amendments are used, they are tested for their neutralizing power which is expressed on the CCE (Calcium carbonate equivalent) basis. We pay special attention to the particle size as sand-sized and larger particles act slower that the fine-textured materials. Materials used in pH soil amendment are:

  • Lime

  • Wood Ash

  • Coal Combustion Products

  • Sugar Beet Lime

  • Cement Kiln Dust

  • Red Mud

  • Lime-stabilized Biosolids


Mineral Soil Amendment: No doubt the organic matter and alkaline soil amendments are used on a general basis, the mineral byproduct materials having soil amendment or soil substitute properties can also be used locally. Whatever material we use, we characterize it prior to use. The materials used in this type of amendment are:

  • Foundry Sand

  • Steel Slag

  • Gypsum

  • Dredged Materials

  • Water Treatment Residuals

  • Coal Combustion Products


No project is big or small for us. We use our expertise, facilities, equipment, and the superior quality products to assure best soil amendment services.

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