Drill Seeding

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Drill Seeding is an agriculture process that is completed using a tractor and a special seeding attachment known as a drill. The drill uses a mechanism for grass seeding and allows the user to regulate the distance as well as the depth of the seeds.  


Why you should choose drill seeding method?

There are different methods of seeding and all of them have their own considerations and benefits. The benefits of drill seeding are:


  • It takes less time: The beauty of drill seeding is that it makes seeding a lot quicker than the traditional methods and thus, saves your time. So, when it comes to seeding in a large area, drill seeding serves the purpose better.


  • Accuracy: It is not only the speed of drill seeding that lets you complete the job on time but the high-level accuracy also ensures the proper seeding and growth of the vegetation.


  • Can be used in all seasons: Regardless of the season and its challenging conditions, drill seeding can be used anytime. However, there needs quality and advanced drilling machine which CFS Revegetation is proud to have.


  • It’s cost-effective: Drill seeding is cost-effective in terms of both- machinery and labour. The level of accuracy brought by the process results in less soil damage, fewer wasted resources and lower costs.


  • Environment-friendly: The seed drills not only offer benefits to the users but are also good for the environment. It is because of the fact that drills use less energy and fewer resources are used/wasted in the process.


  • Weed control: Seeding with a drill lets you control weed from the start. As the drill arranges to place the seeds in rows, the application of herbicides becomes easier.


CFS Revegetation is serving the industry for years and has reclaimed thousands of acres of land. Not only we provide services to the individuals but also work closely with the government entities as well as the energy industry to restore the land. We have a complete fleet of vehicles and equipment to carry out the processes and deliver best drill seeding services.


Why choose us?

You may have other options and in such a scenario, it becomes hard to choose the particular one. Let’s make the task easy for you by telling you the things that set us apart.


  • Years of experience in re-vegetation, land reclamation and seedbed preparation.

  • Wide knowledge about the industry, the seeding techniques, seed products and more. 

  • A complete fleet of vehicles and top-notch equipment.

  • Reasonable price.

  • Quick response.


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