Dust Control

CFSR Vegetation provides dust control services for all seasons to a wide range of industries including road construction, agriculture, state government, and private companies.

We understand each region, its climate, and problems associated with it to use the dust control products accordingly. Our products are best-in-class for settling down dust and also cause minimal impact on the environment. Engineered as per industrial standards, our products are safe and optimal for reducing the amount of dust and pollutants in the air.

Projects We Handle

We strive to help industries reduce their activity impact on air quality by providing dust control services. Our customers include airports, department of transportation, oil and gas refineries, oil and gas pad sites, and landfills among many others.

Whether building new roads or renovating a building, dust control measures are imperative for all sorts of industries. Our products are designed to operate even in extreme industrial environments. We offer our services to –

  • Construction companies;

  • Road building companies;

  • Agricultural projects;

  • Oil or gas industries;

  • Sand or gravel quarries;

  • Wing farms;

  • Landfills and many others.

How We Work

We offer expert solutions for dust control and soil stabilization. We first analyze the worksite and dust problems associated with it. We develop a customized approach to solve dust problems on the basis of conditions at your site.

We understand the problems created in dry and arid areas, which make dust control a challenging task. We use the latest technology to cope with the scarcity of water in these areas. Our machines work by producing streams of microdroplets of water that combine with airborne dust particles. These particles become heavy and precipitate on the ground.

The machine we choose depends on a number of factors. These include –

  • Size of the site;

  • Type of dust problem;

  • Type of work;

  • And indoor or outdoor area.


Products and Solutions for Dust Control

Our wide range of products and machines can tackle any type of dust and soil problems. From dust control to soil stabilization, our technologies are driven by results. Some of our products include –

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is hygroscopic and binds the moisture from the air. This helps bring suspended particles together and settle down on the ground. Magnesium Chloride can be used in road construction sites, on unpaved surfaces and to reduce soil erosion.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride too due to its hygroscopic nature attracts moisture from the air. Due to its moisture-binding nature, Calcium chloride also prevents moisture from being evaporated. Due to delayed evaporation, spraying of calcium chloride dust control products is required less frequently.

Both magnesium and calcium chloride are widely used products to stabilize soil and control the dust. When spread on the unpaved surfaces, these two compounds attract the moisture from the air and keep the surface wet for a long duration. This also helps save water and is a better choice than using

water for dust control.

Dust control is an imperative measure that helps companies and organizations lower their activity impact on the environment and improve the overall quality of their work.