Hydro Seeding

Looking for hydro-seeding services near me? Look no further than CFS Revegetation. Ensure proper and timely growth of vegetation by seeking hydro-seeding services from our revegetation experts! 


We provide Hydro-seeding services to businesses, homeowners, athletic facilities, contractors, land development areas and more. Just let us know your requirements and we will exceed your expectations in terms of service quality, prices as well as the support.

What is hydro-seeding?

Hydro-seeding is also known as hydro-seeding, mulch seeding and hydro mulching. The procedure uses a hose to spray a mixture onto a particular area you want to plant on. Hydro-seeding not only takes less time than traditional seeding methods but also ensures an efficient plantation of seeds.


The mixture used in hydro-seeding contains seeds, fertilizer, water, wood mulch or cellulose fibre, and soil treatment agents. When sprayed onto the land, the mulch in the blend forms a protective coating for the seeds and allows them to germinate. The most important aspect of hydro-seeding is that the mixture is sprayed evenly. And this feature makes it a perfect solution for restoring the fire affected areas.


We at CFS Revegetation use the advanced equipment, top-quality seeds and the best fertilizers to assure the quality services. Call us anytime for your hydro-seeding needs!


Types of land where you can use hydro-seeding

Though hydro-seeding is mainly used for land restoration, it can also be used for other types of lands and projects where there is a need for even plantation. Here we have mentioned some of the land types where you can use hydro-seeding:


  • Lawns (Residential and Commercial)

  • HillsidesRoadside

  • Sports fields

  • Utility repairs

  • Construction sites

  • Cemeteries

  • Site restoration

  • Re-vegetation

  • Small pastures

  • Erosion control projects

  • Parks and school grounds

  • Golf courses


No matter what type of land you need “hydro-seeding service near me” for, CFS is always a call away from you.


Benefits of Hydro-seeding

Hydro-seeding is a fast and cost-effective way for the restoration of land and revegetation. Not only it is better than dry seeding and sodding in a number of ways, but it also offers many other benefits. These include:

  • Provides dust control

  • Controls erosion

  • Results in fast and uniform germination

  • 100% biodegradable

  • A good fit for all projects regardless of their size

  • Nurtures seedling growth

  • Uses eco-friendly colourants

  • Promotes the use of native grasses

  • Improves the quality of existing soil

  • Enhances moisture retention

  • Can reduce the growth of weeds


Why choose CFS Revegetation?

CFS Revegetation is dealing in the industry for years and has helped a number of landowners to realize their dreams. Whether you want to restore the land that is not used for years or you want to promote better growth in a particular piece of land, our hydro-seeding services will help you. If you are looking for the reasons to hire us, check the list below:


  • Quick response

  • Availability of top-notch equipment

  • Use of best quality seeds, mulch and fertilizers

  • Experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of hydro-seeding

  • Hundreds of happy clients

  • Expertise in all kinds of projects

  • Affordable packages

  • Best support


So, what you are waiting for? Call CFS Revegetation and remain assured to get quality as well as satisfactory hydro-seeding services.