A complete guide on mowing

Maintaining a beautiful lawn can demand a lot of efforts and time. An attractive lawn depends on proper mowing, irrigation and maintenance. Mowing is one of the important tasks for maintaining an attractive and healthy lawn.

Well, maintaining a beautiful lawn can definitely add a beautiful re-creation and value to your home. The amount of time and efforts you spent on your lawn will determine its appearance.

But you need to focus on proper mowing technique, equipment, frequency and height of cut because it’s something that improves the quality of a lawn while also increasing the health of the turfgrass plants and decreasing weeds.


Well, the primary purpose of mowing a lawn is to improve its appearance and to improve your lawn quality. Mowing is something that affects turf density, weed infestation, water consumption and susceptibility to environmental stresses.

There are some things that need to be considered in case of mowing:


  • Mowing height: Proper mowing height depends on the species of the grass, its growth habit, time of year, intended use of the area, and your quality expectations. The efforts of closer mowing include increased shoot density but decreased root growth. Well, no single mowing height is determined for turf-grasses and movers should set differently for each one.


  • Mowing frequency: Moving frequency should be adjusted in a way that turf-grass areas should be mowed enough frequently so that you never remove more than 30% of the above ground tissue. Mowing should never remove more than one-third of the leaf blade in a single mowing.


  • Mowing pattern: Establishing a certain mowing pattern is highly important. The pattern should include mowing from different angles each time the grass is cut because leaves and stems can lean in one direction and will be cut when the mover comes from the opposite direction.


  • Mowing season: There are three types of movers that are commonly used for mowing turf-grass and they are flail mower, reel mower, rotary mower.


Flail mower: Flail mower consists of small knives hinged to a horizontal shaft. The shaft rotates and the knives cut the vegetation. The mowing quality of flail mowers is a bit low and its mowing action is often compared to the chopping of an axe. These mowers are used for infrequently mowed turfs where the appearance of the lawn does not even matter.


Reel mowers: Reel mowers use a shearing action to cut grass by catching grass blades between the rotating reel and the bed-knife. These mowers provide the highest quality cut and are best suited for low cut areas on golf courses; on high-quality, low cut athletic fields; and on home lawns that require a height of 1 in. or less. Reel mowers run quietly and usually do not form scalp on uneven ground.


Rotary mowers: Rotary mowers are the primary type of mowers that are used on most home lawns. These mowers work using the same principle as a scythe with a horizontally rotating blade cutting the grass. Rotary mowers range in size from small push behind units to large riding units that mow large areas in a short period of time.


Well, the bottom line is that mowing plays an important role in maintaining your lawn in the best possible way.