Straw and Mulching

Mulching is a layer of organic material spread on the soil surface to retain soil moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil. Most commonly used mulches are straw and hay. Both of these are dry mulch. An advantage of dry mulch is that it takes longer to decompose than moist mulch and you’ll have to replace it less frequently.

Mulching is an effective way to protect the land from soil erosion, water, and animals. Mulching more than just protects the soil, but also increases the soil’s nutrient content. A mulched soil also leads to better seed germination rate and decreases the rate of moisture loss due to evaporation.

Straw Mulching

Straw is popular mulch obtained after burning cereal stubble, leftover alfalfa crops or pine straw. Straw is organic mulch easily available and does more than just retain moisture. Instead of choosing artificially made mulches, choose straw mulch, which is an environment-friendly and cost-effective alternative to mulch your field.

Unlike other mulching material, cereal or alfalfa straw mulching produces no sprouts or weeds. In addition to preventing weeds, straw fertilizes the soil by adding nitrogen that is a key nutrient for many crops.

In addition, straw decomposes very slowly, thus needing you to replace it less frequently than most other types of mulch.

Hay Mulching

Hay mulch is basically cut grass that was still green. It is an excellent moisture retainer. Our high quality is also mostly seedless, but you may still find some seeds. Hay is more mineral rich than most other types of mulch. During decomposition, hay mulch will add more nutrients to your soil than straw mulch. This makes hay mulch ideal for agricultural use.

Since hay mulch is wet, it will decompose more quickly than straw mulch. It can add just as much potassium and nitrogen as fertilizers. Its nutrient value is also evident from the fact that it is also fed to animals as a meal.

Straw and Hay Mulching Services

Reduce your carbon footprint by using environment-friendly mulching techniques like straw and hay mulching. We provide safe and affordable mulching services. We provide our mulching services to airports, sand & gravel quarries, pipeline re-vegetation, wind farms, landfills, and agricultural sites. Protect the landscape of your premises by hay and straw mulching.

We are abundantly equipped with right machines that can spread the mulch evenly in congested as well as wide open spaces. Regardless of the challenge, our executives can know how to work heavy-duty machines with speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Realizing the urgent need to protect the environment, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our work causes minimal impact on the environment, but rather helps improve the ecological balance. We have worked closely with many industries and helped them with our straw and hay mulching services.